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Estimated amount to be spent around 4 billion, An Le giants are ordered its Bed Royal bed Savoir Beds (UK).

Morning 29/7, from Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Mai Thi Mai, wife of 75-year-old Le An, confirmed her husband was asked to order your bed Royal Bed (Royal). This is the world s most expensive bed (published price $ 175,000) was made to commemorate 60 years of Queen Elizabeth in the.

75-year-old University decided to drop 4 billion to buy world s most expensive bed to confirm: the Vietnam second to none.

According to Mai, her husband decided to buy this bed only to sleep, to the family property, but above all the pride of Vietnam is not inferior to anyone.  Seeing Alex intend to buy a bed with high prices, I also interfere. But the picture was not explained to our bed and his wife have purchased toi.Trung Korea, Vietnam is why I do not buy. The world has only 60 units. I know the world s buyers to Vietnam also rich second to none. My husband and I said so unanimous support,  said Mai.



Ms Mai said, her husband by those you have contact with the bed manufacturer Savoir Beds (UK).  We re ignoring the scrutiny, gossip. We decided to buy world s most expensive bed not because Joneses, bad spending, luxury amid economic difficulty, which is expressed pride themselves as Vietnam. As previously bought Le An supercar, people kept talking, for we do so to express the giants, goose want to play, I would be really embarrassing. But my husband s encouragement, confirmed what photos have legitimate reasons of image, so I believe that my husband right decision. But what I find funny is my husband happy alone,  Mai said.
75-year-old wife of Le Grace does not mind spending 4 billion to purchase the world s most expensive bed.

Royal Bed The bed is created based on the design for the British royal period 1640-1740. The curtains around the bed is more than 2,500 km fiber embroidered silk by artisans of luxury brands Hermes. Manufacturers say the first one belongs to the Chinese.



An Le giants born in 1938, in a poor family with many children in Quang Nam. He was known not only as public float sink business, which is also known for the way the supposedly treacherous coast, and had married the 6th wife 3 years ago.

He debuted in Le An old sewing machine, have tasted enough job, white hands several times and then reconstruct the map. The time of his assets 2,000 billion. In addition to extensive exploitation Tourism Village 14 ha coastal city of Vung Tau, he stays service business and real estate. Ms Mai said, her husband is concentrating Le An charities. He has donated 1.500 billion for this charity.

Lady of the 75-year-old also shared 3 years of marriage, was familiar with the talk of opinion and not tired of discussing his desire for rich old married. Since our wedding, he admits An image younger at 50 years old.  People are gradually understanding, sympathetic care to see my Alex, see the picture well. I am also happy to be loving husband, is standing by her husband helps her husband manage his career. We are with each other, understand each other and also go together. Husband and wife are expecting a baby still,  wife 6th giants Le Yin said.