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To preserve wood furniture is well outside factors carefully, thoroughly careful you need to be equipped with some knowledge that we offer the following to help you to preserve and maintain the premium wood items well.

1. Use vinegar to clean new furniture
Before you paint furniture, you should use vinegar to clean a turn, so after painting, the color of the furniture will be extremely shiny.
2. Using tea to new dry wood
Furniture freshly painted up, if we use special tea or rice water clean through a turn, will shine furniture and peeling paint is not easy.
3. Use Milk Paint remover smell of wood
I bring milk to boil down to a plate or bowl, so in the new cabinet paint, closet door closed again, after about 5 hours, will no longer smell of paint.
4. Making furniture new again
Using a milk-soaked rags to clean tables, chairs or other kinds of furniture can not only remove dirt stains but also make furniture shine like new.
Take half a cup of water mixed with vinegar (equal amount of vinegar 1/4 of the water), use a soft cloth to clean the furniture, wood furniture will shine again.
Furniture for a long time, sheen will fade. To overcome this situation, we brew a cup of tea to cool, use a soft cloth soaked in tea water, cleaning furniture, cleaning normal just 2 or 3 times the furniture will restore the original sheen.
5. Salt water used to wash the map Rattan
Furniture made of rattan, bamboo and long-term use will accumulate dust very dirty, you can use salt water to clean. Doing so, furniture rattan just dust, become soft and increase endurance.
6. Use the dusting brush
Rattan furniture is dusty for a long time, we can use the soft bristle brush wipe from the mesh, from the furniture to sweep out all the dust. If too much dirt, you can use the water to wash, dry and then wipe with a way forward on that is.
7. Use foil (foil in cigarette packs) tea stain remover
On the table of types of tea table with a laminated flame resistant, long tea, tea water on the surface of the table to the dirty spots. To remove the stains, you can sprinkle a little water on the table, use foil in cigarette wiped clean again, then re-use the water to wash, the tea will stain all mad. This method can also be used to clean warm drinks such as tea, cups, plates v drink tea. v ...
8. Handling blistering hot spots on furniture
The containers such as bowls, plates, cup of hot water, hot soup, if we put directly on painted woodwork, leaving many white circular spots. Normally we just use oil absorbent cloth, wipe the alcohol wipe is.
If hot spots are quite heavy, we can use waterproof warm washcloth, squeeze dry, small in a little liquid ammonia towel, hand towel for your ammonia water in a hand towel, and then we beat hands Quick and light scratching hot spots, finally taking a swim class above, such hot spots will disappear.
We can also use tincture of iodine wipe lightly on hot spots or hot spots illuminate vadolin a little oil, after a few days we use cloth hot spots hot spots will end.
9 Handling white wood yellow
Furniture being white gold, looks unsightly, if we use toothpaste powder (or toothpaste) to clean, this situation will change dramatically. But note, the operation should not take too much effort, if not to be broken layer of exterior paint ball supplies, causing quite the opposite result.
10. How to remove burn marks on painted wood surface
Cigarette butts, cigarette butts or matches not fallen off quite unfortunate Flooring
Wood is leaving burn marks. If the paint is on fire, we can wrap a layer of fabric on the hard smooth toothpick, lightly wipe the burn, then applied to the thin layer of burning a candle layer, the burn will be deleted.
11. Remove surface scratches on painted furniture
If scratched furniture in the house (but not affecting the inner layers of wood), we can buy colored candles with hand painted wood furniture illuminate the surface beneath the wooden bridge the color, then taking hit colorless nail color scanning up a class that is.
12. Remove stains on furniture candles
When oil candles fell on the furniture, do not get your nails or sharp knife to shave, should wait until the day, when the bright sun, use a piece of thin plastic, 2 clutching a piece of wood resting on plastic (nylon ) wipe the oil from the outside inward, then use a soft cloth to clean it.
13. Handling paste layer on the surface of utensils with blisters
When the site of the herpes treatment, first, we use a sharp knife upon wood vertical incision 1 line, then use the spray hose, spray glue on the incision hands gently pressed blisters, wet towels to wipe glue spilled outside. Next, we use a heavy, bulging larger blisters on top of blisters place. To avoid heavy after pressing up spilled glue is still contaminated surface layer of paste, we can get spread thin plastic layers in between the layers and heavy paste. Thus, the flat surface as the old layer of paste.
14. How to Remove Water stains on wood
Stamped into the wood surface, if not dried soon will leave water stains. For the wound in this country can use a damp cloth to cover the wound for water, then use the table, is carefully several times to wet towel, hot spots for water to evaporate met and lost.
15. How to Handle the dents caused by collisions with wooden utensils tung
Wood soft tung, after leaving bumps dents easily. We can handle as follows: first use the wet towel on the seat cover is recessed, use hot irons to be, dents gradually subside. If the dent is too deep, we have to glue or materials to be filled.
16. Bleaching old paint on wood
Use of water porch (in photo developing) and dry brush used to paint old furniture, so the old paint will lose, and I just cleaned furniture, air dry, use sandpaper final sanding with New paint can paint over it.
17. Handling wood is cracked
Furniture unfortunately cracked, we can handle the following way: take the old cotton or load spikes torn, burned to ashes, mixed with tung oil reservoir characteristics in the form of rivers, tucked into the cracks of furniture, finally I dried. Once dried, cracks would be very firm and tight. We can also take notice tore into debris, mixing in a little alum and water, heat in the form of lake characteristics. Wait cold lake, we tucked into the cracks lakes, drying, however this uses only way to dry food items or items containing less exposed to water